ClampArt Gallery 2/4: Introducing ClampArt Gallery New Yo

Introducing Clampart Gallery

New York City is, with more than 1500 galleries, one of the most prominent centers for art galleries in the world. Artists and collectors from everywhere come either to visit or to find inspiration. The galleries are as diverse and startling as the city itself. All of those distinctive venues display and sell everything from antiquities to modern forms of expression. One of these wonderful galleries is the ClampArt Gallery which focuses on young and mid-career artists coming from photography to painting and specializing in contemporary arts.

Brian Paul Clamp

The ClampArt gallery was established in New York in 2000. The owner and founder of the Gallery is Brian Paul Clamp, an experienced director who served prior to the foundation of his gallery as the director of a gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side specializing in late 19th- and early 20th-century American paintings. He opened his gallery after obtaining a master's degree from Columbia University in Critical Studies in Modern Art. He has over the course of his career written more than 40 publications on American art, and has also occasionally contributed to written works of various art periodicals. Besides the display in his own gallery, Brian Paul Clamp has also curated many photography exhibitions in various locations across the United States.

About the gallery

The ClampArt gallery is based inside the flower district. The flower district is located in the Chelsea neighborhood on the Manhattan Island. This idyllic district is known for its many stores that cover flowers and all things garden is one of the famous districts of the Chelsea neighborhood. For artists, the Flower District offers an oasis of inspiration and is with its more than 200 galleries considered as one of the centers of the city art world. The main artists represented by the gallery are young, emerging and mid-career artists coming from all types of different media ranging from photography to painting. Indeed, the gallery itself doesn’t entirely focus itself on photography exposition but rather on every artistic form available. The works exposed are composed of contemporary arts from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Some of the different artworks presented have also been exposed in public collections of major importance including the Metropolitan Museum of Art New in York City, the Worcester Art Museum Massachusetts, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum Providence or the Hood Museum of Art Dartmouth College to name a few.


The gallery presents artwork from many different artists. Among them are Mariette Patthy Allen, Bill Armstrong, John Arsenault, Aziz + Cucher, Jack Bals, Mark Bread, Olaf Otto Becker, James Bidgood, Brian Buckley, Nancy Burson, John Button, Robert Calafiore, Michael Chelbin, Joseph Desler Costa, Michael Crouser, Jen Davis, Frances F. Denny, Adam Ekberg, Amy Elkins, Jill Greenberg, Karen Gunderson, Daniel Handal, Henry Horenstein, Rachel Hulin, Isa Leshko, Joshua Lutz, Michael Massaia, Meryl Meisler, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Lori Nix/Kathleen Gerber, Mikael Owunna, Rachel Papo, Lissa Rivera, Zack Seckler, Luke Smalley, Mickey Smith, Amy Stein, Amy Touchette, Robert Voit, Frank Yamrus, Marc Yankus and Ion Zupcu.
Each artist has their own artworks from the different series of work. Their art works are available and can be viewed online. The different works of those artists are all exhibited in the gallery itself. Thanks to the large number of artists available to the gallery, it offers the public a wide range of artistic diversity for us to see. The art exposed ranges from black and white photographs by Henry Horenstein, to more color intensive paintings by Jill Greenberg. Portrait photography and body photography by Amy Elkins and wildlife photography by Isa Leshko are presents as well. Nature photography by Olaf Otto Becker as well as art composed of painting, drawing and photography by artist Jack Balas can also be find inside the gallery.


Brian Paul Clamp
247 West 29th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States of America
+1 646.230.0020


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