Terry, Sara

Sara Terry, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Cell phone photography

Hands (Marc Riboud), is from an ongoing project of cell phone photography, which is all about pictures that I cannot make with larger cameras; there is something inherent in the limitations of the cell phone camera that allows me to create small canvases, intimate scenes of other worlds. I see them as little still-life images, quiet moments created at a time when my life has been anything but still and quiet.

Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace

A former staff correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and magazine freelance writer, Sara Terry made a mid-career transition into photojournalism and documentary photography in the late 1990s. Her long-term project about the aftermath of war in Bosnia -- “Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace” -- was published in September 2005 by Channel Photographics. Her work has been widely exhibited, at such venues as the United Nations, the Museum of Photography in Antwerp, and the Moving Walls exhibition at the Open Society Institute in New York. Her photographs are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and in many private collections. In 2005, she received a prestigious Alicia Patterson Fellowship for her work in Bosnia. She is also the founder of The Aftermath Project (www.theaftermathproject.org), a non-profit grant program which helps photographers cover the aftermath of conflict. She is represented by Polaris Images. She resides in Los Angeles and is currently working on projects in Africa and Turkey.