Qiu Jun Song

Jun Song Qiu, GuangDong, Peoples Republik of China

I have been a collector of memories. observing and experiencing the world around me. Coming to the city from the countryside has made me a passive participant in China's urbanization; the only thing I can do is to maintain my right to observe and experience the world. I am often torn between the complexities of urban development and my nostalgia for the countryside. The vicissitudes of time, growth and death, land and people... these are all players in a constantly-evolving absurdist drama. Images are a way of preserving the external world of my senses and the inner landscape of myself.


These fragments of spirit, which reflect all the good things in this country, may constitute Chinese life's ...general history. The gray tone, is the burning incense dedicated to the earth, is the poison brushed onto the shitty concrete jungles. Qiu becomes the deepest B&W photographer in China. He uses his knife providing us slices of China, raw meat with sauce, tasty but it hurts. From my point of view, those images make me feel so real to a terrifying extent. As a blade, sharp, accurate, cuts the suffering of our times open. This massive amount of image production on current reality is more contemprary art than photographing.

- Changjiang Yan