Marcella Mueller

Marcella Mueller, Stuttgart, Germany

The essence of the place

“My photographs are taken on numerous travels to Italy, England, Scotland, Belgium and Malaysia. Once found a right area I keep returning back to it.

Landscape can be interpreted in many ways and the individual photographer must deal with it in their own way. For me, my landscape images go beyond documentation. I try to capture the essence of the place rather than the place itself. I do not intentially highlight certain aspects of landscape, much of my photography is concerned with spaces which have been inhabited. It doesn’t matter in which country I take my photographs – the images are not necessarily a description of that country. The pictures are found, they do not follow a strict artistic concept or pattern. No matter where the photographs have been taken they can be viewed as a continues theme which works on a metaphorical level. The human figure is intentionally excluded from the photographs (mostly). Their presence is already evident and through absence I feel it allows the viewer to experience the space in a particular way and opens up the possibility for personal reference and reflection.”

Marcella Müller, Stuttgart, May 2004