Morara, Silvia

Silvia Morara, Val di Nizza, Italy

Silvia Morara was born  28/12/1971 in Bologna, Italy.
After a degree in Philosophy at Bologna University in 1996 she works for one year as a photojournalist in Modena local newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino”. She moves to Tirana, Albania, to coordinate a women development project in 1998-99 and in 1999 she moves back to Italy where she works with different photo agency for the next years (Grazia Neri,Franca Speranza, Iber Press, La Presse). As a free-lace photoreporter between 1999 and 2001 she covers the areas of former Yugoslavia from Kossovo 1999-2000 to Croatia, from Serbia to Bosnia and Macedonia. Immediately after September 11th  2001 she goes to Israel-Occupied Territories to document the hope of a new Palestinian State and the anniversary of the second Intifada. In November 2001 she goes to Pakistan and Afghanistan to report the daily life of men and especially of women of Kabul. From 2002 she quit following international breaking news  to go deeper into reportage, mainly in Africa: 2002 Johannesburg South-Africa reporting about HIV-AIDS 2003 Ghana documenting women issues as slavery and witchcraft charge. From 2003 she starts to cooperate with different NGOs and she works in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Burkina Faso, Niger,  Peru, Romania, Angola, etc. In 2005 the exhibition “Art. 31, the right to play” is shown in Milan. In 2006, with two colleagues, realizes an exhibition and a book named “Milan XXI century” on the city of Milan. In 2007 the exhibition children rights, produced with a colleague, is shown in Milan. In 2008 she takes part at the book “A Better Time” with other nine international photographers. She produces, with another photographer, the book “Bonassola. The quiet season”. In 2009 she gives birth to Marta and produced "Our first 30 days at home" shown at Domestic exhibition in Barcelona. In 2011 “Un Bacio” is her first photo book for children. Currently she keeps on telling stories.

Babylon #1

Milan, but it could be any busy city in the world.
Frantic people rushing to and from work, sometimes more ghosts than people, at least during the run.
Shadows, industrious ants waiting for the happy hour.
But happy to be part of it...sometimes.