Klein, S. Kaye

S. Kaye Klein, New York, USA

The abstract black and whites nudes entitled "Body Memories" depict ambiguous segments of flesh in seemingly fragmented glimpses. However, upon closer examination, the flow of the visual mantras create a unified field. The repetition of images transcends each individual frame and becomes a cohesive whole. "A microcosm of the macrocosm ,my body doesn't separate me from others. It actually connects me to the collective experience of humanity throughout time.Yet every physical vehicle manifests an individual's unique cellular language that expresses emotional, mental and spiritual levels of existence. Our biography becomes our biology and we co-exist in a powerful dichotomy - separate yet one."

These photographs are presented exactly as they were shot. There is no manipulation of the images. The grid results from the standard practice for photographers when making a contact sheet to view the results of each roll. I feel this straight forward simplicity of representation exemplifies the poetic complexity of their content.