Jun, Lu

Lu Jun, Zhuhai, PR China

1962 Born in Hubei Province, China
1983 Graduated from WuHan Technical University

Chinese Real Estate Dream

It seems that China is now placed in an era enriched in banquets and balls for the real estate, the tycoons of real estate accompanied with ad businessmen constantly sharpen a delicate and graceful banquet for the real estate sector, every residential region as if a delicate birthday cake, it is shared and digested by people once it is debuting in the state, the sponsors for the banquet are those real estate tycoons, the guests who are middle class people. The smart speculative people are very happy to see the booming circumstance, however, many people have worried about what day they can fulfill their dreams upon their houses since the outrageously price of houses seem to not stop.  

Modern Chinese people, on the one hand, they contain all of foreign culture, in the meantime, they begin to resume Chinese traditional culture, which reflect eager requirements from inner hearts. On the other hand, the confidence of the national people is constantly enhancing as well, it’s a reality of modern China that people hope to promulgate the elite of traditional culture, making progress for human being, construct a harmony society simultaneously.

I adopt a portrayal technique from Chinese landscape paintings to express my free perspective upon landscape of the mountains-and-waters painting, convey somewhat Chinese traditional culture, it pursue a spirit motto of “Sky combine with human being”, I take advantage of the combination of shoot and computer technique to reflect a real life in modern China and my nice wishes to create my dear dream for China’s real estate.?Lu Jun

How Far from Us
This is a virtual digital water and mountain, it is virtual and changeable, characterized serenity and mystery. In our mind, it is a Peach Garden in our spiritual homeland, and lives in our hearts forever. Whereas the water and mountain is so virtual and changeable scenery, characterized serenity and mystery, but it leaves us more and more far way…   ?Lu Jun?

Media artst Lu Jun has been obsessively intereted intraditional Chinese landscape painting. He is devoting himself the re-interpretation of thetraditionally eastem sense of aesthetics via digital editing. He takes pictures of ink spots dissolving in water then rearranges them in the computer. The images of water mixing with ink from images of mountains like those of ancient landscape paintings while renewing the aesthetic quality of Chinese landscape painting bya adding a contemporary metallic gleam to traditional Chinese painting.?Zhang Zhaohui? 


The National Gallery Thailand
Macao Museum Of Art
Shenzhen Art Museum
Zhuhai Museum
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