Cryer, Terry

Terry Cryer, North Yorkshire, Great Britain

Terry Cryer was born in Leeds in 1934 and started his career in photography at 14 years old, his first job was mixing gallons of chemicals for a processing firm. Soon he found himself behind the camera. He first took pictures on an imitation Leica and later, when he acquired a twin-lens Rolleiflex, he had his favoured camera.

When a venue called Studio 20 opened in Leeds, featuring jazz seven nights a week, Terry started to take photographs of the musicians who played there. It was to lead to a career snapping pictures of the many musical greats. (read more)

“I got a job as a freelance for The Jazz News. I faked myself credentials and I got myself a press card. Was this honest? Who cares. I broke the rules because it was a lot more exciting than following them. The establishment move the goal posts to suit themselves. Why shouldn’t I?” (Terry Cryer)