Bergemann, Frauke

Frauke Bergemann, Berlin, Germany

Born in Berlin/DE
Lives and works in Berlin/DE

Frauke Bergemann operates her artistic photography from a general subjective point of view. It combines the supposedly objective perception of photography with the individual experience of seeing. While the eye moves from one point to another point Bergemann searches for the reality of a single image, pretending the result of complex imaging processes, to expand the expression of reception. The smooth transition of different perspectives, the continuous focus and the simulation of near leave things for individual focus and in parallel to see the world as a whole.

Studies of photography and photo design, Muthesius School of Art, Kiel/DE
Since 1972 Freelance graphic artist and photographer (focussing on publishing, urban projects, exhibitions, architecture and urban planning)
Since 1996 "Two in One" first spatial walk-in images, photo collages
Work groups: Bauten in der Warteschleife, Mit-Menschen, Fenster mit Aussicht, Industrielle Landschaften, Plastik als Plastik, So weit das Auge reicht...
Since 2007 continued involvement in art auctions p.e. Roundtable, Deutsche Bank Berlin and Rotary Club Munich
Various lectureships in Germany and abroad.


I do my photography from a very subjective point of view. I associate the objective exercise of photography with the experience of seeing. My eyes wander around, like a swing in the cinema, about what's going on. My photographs consist of numerous individual recordings with different perspectives, which are then mounted on the computer. The reality of a single photo is an illusion. My photos are the result of complex reports in search of the broader picture expression. The smooth transition of different perspectives, through the sharpness and the simulation of closer proximity, is the single thing as well as the world as a whole.