Baruth, Marc

Marc Baruth, Siegen, Germany

In my photographic work I mainly deal with two thematic topics, which in my opinion are now and above all in the near future of great importance. On the one hand this is the idea of reality: That what we take it for. That what it could be. That what it has been. On the other hand it's the idea of communication: How do we communicate? Do we communicate at all? How does (graphic) art communicate?

The questions raised by my work – and to my mind asking questions is more important than giving answers – always relate to these two thematic topics and their continueing changes.

Considering my work the mere illustration of seemingly "real" things and states of affair is of no meaning at all. A fleeting glimpse of "reality" is appreciated though, because the viewers irritation, which is necessary to come to an agreement with the mentioned themes, can only develop itself out of an interplay between reality and (digital) production and manipulation.

The view on so called classic art or painting, the inclusion of seemingly old themes and forms of representation serves as a kind of platform, as a kind of cultural and historical anchor.

The transfer of these works and types, which are well known from a collective art-historical education, into another (technical) medium with its contemporary contents or descriptions leads to the questioning of someones own perception, because what first appeared as common to the viewer or could be categorized by him, now dissolves with passing time and simply makes him realize his doubts: What I see is not (or only partially) true.

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Die Dinge, so wie sie sind

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