Brauhausfotografie since 1992


Brauhaus Fotografie

Annual edition of original photographs since 1992


Right at the beginning of my studies at the University of Siegen I initiated an annual edition of original photographs. One of the reasons was to see what the other students were working on. Everyone was more or less  working alone in the darkroom on his own. There were hardly any opportunities to view each other's work.


Once a year students, teachers, sometimes former students and guests meet in order to select one picture from every participant for edition. Every participant receives one complete file with a complete set of photographs. Some more are printed for sale and the complete edition is exhibited in the Art Department accompanied by an opening receptionand press articles. All aspects of the exhibition and the edition are organized by the students till even today.


I took part in this portfolio project until my teacher, Professor Juergen Koenigs, retired. Today I look back on a collection and photography archive that represents my professor's teaching over a span of more than ten years at the University of Siegen. Through this archive and collection, I am able to show where I come from.


Universitaet Siegen

Participants Brauhaus Fotografie 1992-2003 Universitaet Siegen


Abendroth, Ariane

Afflerbach, Tanja

Anger, Bente

Baruth, Stephanie

Baruth, Marc

Bäumer, Nele

Beyer, Vera

Blömeke, Christel

Borgmeier, Jan

Broo, Petra

Bücher, Stephan

Christmann, Patricia

Ciupka, Anja

Coutas, Evelyne

De Knuydt, Marc

De Forest, Bethany

Dehne, Frank

Delifer, Methap

Dietrich, Jochen

Dilcher, Andrea

Distelberg, Jens

Dorst, Anja

Drost, Cornelia siehe Weingarten

Ehrlich, Kathrin

Ermert, Simone

Fährenkemper, Claudia

Ferrero, Susanne

Försterling, Hermann

Freiberg, Andrea

Funke, Birgit

Gast, Rüdiger

Geist, Susanne siehe Ferrero, Susanne

Gilges, Verena

Goldmann, Katrin

Gross, Petra

Hannaford, Nina

Harnisch, Judith

Heinbach, Martina siehe Kersken

Henrix, Ute

Hernschier, Verena

Hieronymus, Haimo

Hof, Matthias

Hofius-Borowiak, Judith

Hoßner, Christian

Jung, Sabine

Kellner, Thomas

Kemper, Birgit

Kemper, Kathrin

Kersken, Martina

Klapdor, Esther

Klein, Lars

Klemenz, Julia

Kleynen, Thomas

Klinker, Verena

Knauß, Stefanie

Königs, Jürgen

Krauthäuser, Alexia

Krawiec, Georgia

Kröger, Margrit

Kuhlmann, Julia

Lange, Betina

Lilkendey, Martin

Linßner-Klöck, Henriette

Mauß, Susanne

Meemken, Ingrid

Mehrwald, Bernd

Meyer, Anne

Meier, Steffen

Mugge, Axel

Müller, Melanie

Oberst, Carmen

Ondraczek, Peter

Orth, Eva-Maria

Ouali, Sounia

Papa, Alexander

Pfeiffer, Nina

Ramrath, Stefanie

Reeh, Peter

Reschka, Kathrina

Rohde, Kerstin

Römer, Torsten

Samen, Judith

Schaafhausen, Anne

Schäfer, Stefan

Scheer, Petra

Schenk, Martina

Schetter, Ursula

Schmelcher, Cristin

Schmidt, Klaus

Schött, Kathrin

Schüttenhelm, Julia

Segatz, Alexandra

Skalski, Susanne

Speicher, Dirk

Spies, Christian

Steck, Anke

Stelmaszyk, Natasza

Tappert, Thomas

Tibo, Holger

Wagener, Michael

Wagner, Marianne

Wagner, Michael

Weber, Susanne

Weingarten, Cornelia

Weingarten, Oliver

Wernze, Anja

Wiebusch, Stephanie

Wille, Jan

Wilms, Anna

Winter, Valerie

Wiswedel, Kerstin

Wolff, Thorsten

Yesilöz-Delifer, Methap ; siehe Delifer