September 11, 2019: Groupshow Transition and Götz Diergarten at Liaoning Festival of Industrial Photography

Beizhen (Liaoning), China. Tuesday morning Thomas Kellner inaugurated his newly curated show at the Third International industrial Photography Festival. Aside of hom worked Phd Irina Chmyerva from Moscow for the office of Mr. Zhang Guotian for this Festival. Kellner brought a slowshow by Goetz Diergarten from the famous Becherschool and a groupshow of ten photographers to Beizhen. Participants of his exhibition come from USA, Canada, Southafrica, Germany, Slowenia, Spain and Poland, which mirrors his international network of artists and also the diversity of the medium. The exhibitions of the Beizhen Festival can be seen till October 9, 20

September 10 - October 9, 2019
The 3rd Term  International Industrial Photography Festival China Liaoning (Beizhen), Peoples Republic of China

Participating Photographers: Solo show: Götz Diergarten, Groupshow: Victoria Piersig, Sara Jane Boyers, Neo Ntsoma, Daniel Schumann, Joachim Hildebrandt, Herbert Böttcher, Brad Temkin, Michal Cala, Danica Ozvirk Kus, Max de Esteban.