photographers:network - selection 2006, June 2006



selection 2006

June 24th till July 2nd, 2006

Studio Thomas Kellner

Siegen, Germany


The exhibition shows work by 26 photographers from 11 countries. Photographers and artists trade pictures - many of us do. Each photographer is represented by one selected picture, each traded for one of Thomas Kellner's. In this project, Thomas Kellner invited one hundred photographers world wide to trade an image with him. Out of more than a hundred submissions, the jury (comprised of Thomas Gerwers, Profifoto, Germany; Dagmar Peveling, Galerie Peveling, Cologne/Germany and Thomas Kellner, project coordinator) selected 26 photos to be traded and for the exhibition in Siegen.

The exhibition shows work by artists that are at the same time on a similar path like Thomas Kellner. He gives us the opportunity to see images of his colleagues, whom he meets at festivals and other events somewhere in the world. The photographs are as different as the individuals who make them. There is figurative work, architectural, abstract and experimental photography. Each photograph showing a different imagination: poetic images, collaged imaginations, dreams, perceptions and newly created realities. The end result is a collection of contemporary work and a network, where photographers can connect and help each other in building their careers.

The exhibition is acompanied by a printed portfolio in PROFIFOTO,Germany, showing all the selected images.


June 24th till July 2nd

Opening Saturday June 24th at 3p.m.

Studio Thomas Kellner

Friedrichstrasse 42; D-57072 Siegen; Germany;

Opening hours: Sa/Su: 3-7p.m. and by appointment



Pascal Baetens, Kessel-Lo, Belgium

Sheri Lynn Behr, New York, USA

Amanda Calluf, Curitiba, Brazil

Pedro David, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Luis Delgado Qualtrough, San Francisco, USA

Diane Ducruet, Berlin, Germany / Paris, France

Kathryn Dunlevie, Palo Alto, USA

Fano, Brno, Czeck Republik

Gyula Fodor, Vienna, Austria

Marcus Freitas, Goiânia - Goiás, Brazil

Judy Gelles, Philadelphia, USA

Salete Goldfinger, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nicolai Howalt, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nathalie Latham, Paris, France

Salvatore Lopes, Jamaica Plain, USA

Anja Mohr, Linden, Germany

Rinaldo Morelli, Brasilia, Brazil

Kitty Paranagua, Rio de Janeiro

Nicolas Pascarel, Naples, Italy

Helio Rocha, Brasilia, Brazil

Frank Rothe, Berlin, Germany

Michelle Sank, Great Britain

Dagmar Sippel, Paris, France

Tracey Snelling, Oakland, USA

Adriane Vasquez, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Guy Veloso, Belem-Para, Brazil



photographers:network selection  2006 & photography made in Siegen




Friday, 24. 6. 2006

7 pm    welcome to photographers (on invitation)


Saturday, 24. 6. 2006

10 – 12 am    photographers of the selections 2006 & Siegen photographers give short introductions in their work  (engl.):

Diane Ducruet, Berlin/Paris

Martin Schaepers, Siegen, Germany

Salvatore Lopes, USA

Anja Mohr. Linden, Germany

Gyula Fodor, Vienna, Austria

Christian Wickler, Siegen

Michael Wagener, Siegen



3 pm: opening reception studios Friedrichstrasse


Sunday, 26. 6. 2006

11 am: opening reception "photography made in Siegen", curated by Debra Klomp, Leeds/New York, Artgalerie, Siegen, Fuerst-Joahnn-Moritz-strasse1


3 -4 pm: guided exhibition tour, Museum of Contemporary Art, Siegen


Saturday, 1. 7. 2006

3 – 7 pm: exhibition open to public, studios Friedrichstrasse

Sunday, 2. 7. 2006

3 – 7 pm: exhibition open to public, studios Friedrichstrasse


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