October 8, 2020: Thomas Kellner and the Artmuseum of the Americas in Washington D.C.

Dialog - a bridge to the unknown

Washington, DC. The “Building Dialogs” exhibition shows a composition by four international artists, in which photo artist Thomas Kellner is represented. The art exhibition is curated by Gesche Wuerfel, Professor of Photography at the UNC, and Fabian Goncalves Borrega who works at the AMA Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC. The AMA is the oldest museum of Latin American and Caribbean arts in the United States. It deals with modern and contemporary art and focuses on topics such as cultural exchange, democracy, human rights, security and development.
The exhibition presents parallels within the art works that deal with the built environment and connect the three pachas of the Inca culture. To this day the Inca is still part of the myth and religion of the Andes. The different levels (pachas) reflect the upper world, underworld and the middle world, the human realm of the Inca religion. A diptych with the individual works of the artists was put together, creating a dialog. Kellner plays an important role in this exhibition by visualizing the human empire of the Inca with the pictures from his series Brasilia. The Kay Pacha region is based on the humane order, with the pursuit of freedom, progress, emotions, envy, greed, fear and chaos. Kellner's works deviate from the formal architecture and create a shape that accommodates the original building and contains pictorial comments. The large contact sheets remind us of rows of buildings in a city block of an imaginary city. The viewer gets lost in this invented but ordered area. The shift is similar to the brain activity when information is divided and processed, which in turn resembles the emotions that arise when known monuments are perceived for the first time ever.
The idea of the curators is to combine individual pictures of the artists and put them together as a new picture, creating a diptych. The connection to the Inca culture is created and the three Pacha realms are linked together. “Building Dialogs” creates a new original that just a few moments before was the unknown. This synthesis sets a symbol for a mixture in sympathy.
The aim of this exhibition is to create dialogs within the pictures, artists, curators and above all, the presentations. The online demonstration, which is operated on the internet, takes up different points of view of the respective artist. The digital art exhibition is presented on selected platforms. Kellner's perception of the dialogs can be viewed on his website.

Building Dialogs
October 8–29, 2020
Artists in this exhibition: Alejandra Delgado Uría, Thomas Kellner, Brad Temkin, Gesche Würfel 
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