October 2, 2020: Thomas Kellner nominated for prize of integration in Siegen

Nomination for the integration prize of the city of Siegen

Siegen. With his project genius loci around Georg Wilhelm Henning from Siegen, Thomas Kellner was one of the five nominees for the city of Siegen's award for intercultural engagement. The prize was awarded for the 30th time this year, and Gedi Ali Metan was awarded the prize for 2020.
Other nominees were the non-profit training company Achenbach, Volker Nöll, the Siegen artist Thomas Kellner and the event series "Trialogue of Religions".
The "Prize for Intercultural Engagement" is intended as an award and public recognition for exemplary actions and initiatives that are committed to peaceful coexistence between foreign and German citizens in the city of Siegen.