October 13, 2019: Thomas Kellner - Black & White at Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía in Almería, Spain

Almeria / Spain. Fine art photographerThomas Kellner opened his exhibition Black & White at the Centro Andaluz de la Photography in Almeria on Friday evening. The first solo exhibition in Spain, with the classic black-and-white images of Kellner's early deconstructions, which also were also featured in Siegen Art Galerie in 2016, had a great response.
From an initial design about the Eiffel Tower in tribute to Robert Delaunay and the Orphism in Paris, Kellner begins to turn to architecture and to more and more complex compositions. The result was timeless images of a newly formulated, cubist-oriented language. In his early black and white photographs, Kellner concentrates on the structure itself. The relationship between object and pictorial form is the focus of attention.
For the season opening, the Andalusian Museum of Photography opened three exhibitions. In addition to Thomas Kellner, an exhibition by the Andalusian photographer Pilar Guerrero with geometric compositions by the city of Almeria and Ricardo Martin portraits from his time as a journalist mainly Spanish cultural celebrities.
The Centro Andaluz de la Photography is now a modern museum building with a well-stocked archive with a large collection since 2004. Founded in 1992, it has belonged since 1996 to the Institutes for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. The Centro organizes exhibitions, lectures and workshops and publishes books.
The exhibition Thomas Kellner Black & White came to Spain on the recommendation of the former director of the Australian Center of Photography in Sydney, Alasdair Fooster, and can be seen in Almeria until 9 December. The Bensusan Library of the Museum Africa in Johannesburg, the Fototeca in Havana, Cuba and other venues in Andalusia are planned for next year's exhibition.

Thomas Kellner - Black & White
October 11 - December 9, 2019
Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía, Almeria, Spain

Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía
Calle Pintor Díaz Molina, 9
04002 Almeria, Spain