March 3, 2020: Thomas Kellner at ZMO Mainz

Mainz. On February 28th, Thomas Kellner opened his exhibition Genius loci - zwei Siegener im Zarenland in the rooms of the ZMO, the Association for Cooperation with Eastern Europe, in Mainz. In her opening speech, art historian Chiara Manon Bohn introduced Kellner's way of working, which is characterized by the "dissolution of an architectural building, a fragmentation into individual parts", the deconstruction, but at the same time also celebrates the new artistic arrangement, the reconstruction.

With his photographs, the German photo artist approaches Russian culture in his very own way: apparently playfully, he blows up familiar views of famous buildings in his pictures, creating a completely unknown architecture. Kellner almost forces the viewer to give up his old, established viewpoints and follow him into a world in which buildings can dance. The exhibition ends on March 31.

February 28, 2020: Thomas Kellner at ZMO in Mainz, Germany

Thomas Kellner – genius loci
February 28 – March 31 2020
ZMO, Zusammenarbeit mit Osteuropa e.V., Mainz, Germany

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