June 19, 2019: Siegerland artists from the Thomas Kellner Collection

Siegen. Reinhold Köhler would celebrate his centenary this year. On the occasion of his famous colleague's birthday, Thomas Kellner takes the opportunity to dedicate an exhibition in his otherwise rather internationally oriented studio to his local colleagues from his collection. International is this weekend at the Kellner family. On Sunday the exhibition of Bethany de Forest from Amsterdam will open at Art Gallery, on Saturday colleagues from Poland, USA, China, France and Switzerland meet for the annual #artcamp and exchange of ideas in Kellner's studio and on Friday evening the Siegerland artists meet in his Studio.
For 20 years, the studio in Siegen was Kellner's home of daily work and the contact with many local colleagues has often enriched his everyday life. As you know, Thomas Kellner has to vacate his studio this year. In the meantime, notice of termination has fluttered into the house at the end of the year. In just a few days, however, it must be decided where the future studio is, as many trips and exhibitions are planned for the second half of the year.
In the next studio, there will probably be no room left for his collection, from which Kellner will have to part. All work by Siegerland artists is for sale this Friday evening. The audience may pay bids and thus contribute to the upcoming new studio something.
The collection includes a rare compilation of early works by Reinhold Köhler. Once again to see and play is the game design Artmemory in in which Kellner has also processed only Siegen artist and should also find a new home.
The show will be opened on Friday evening at 7 pm in the studio in Friedrichstraße.

Siegerland Artists

June 22, 2019
7 p.m.
Friedrichstrasse 42, DE 57072 Siegen
+49 271 2383343