Genius loci in Yekaterinburg

Genius loci two Siegen citizens in the land of the tzars – industrial photography

"Kellner reconstructs the old familiar environment so that it always remains in motion, both today and in the future, and always provides new ways of seeing." (Irina Chmyrewa, art scholar, Russia)

In his photo project "Genius Loci", Siegen artist Thomas Kellner presents a new series on industrial architecture in the Siegerland and the Urals. These two important economic areas are connected by a common history of industrial culture. Inn the 18th century Georg Wilhelm Henning from Siegen left his home to found the cities of Ekaterinburg and Perm in the Russian Urals.
In 2013, Kellner therefore set out in Henning's footsteps and photographed selected areas of Germany and Russia. He photographed in his own way to capture their commonality, the processing of steel and metal, in photographs. His works will show the hitherto little-known connection between Siegen and the Urals. An it also introduces as well the beauty of the respective industrial cultures as early as November in an exhibition in Yekaterinburg. The exhibition will then travel on to Moscow, Krasnodar, Pingyao in China and back to Siegen. In addition, a book is being produced in Germany, which will present the industrial architecture of the respective areas on 150 pages in beautiful photographs. The new book tells interesting facts about the iron country Siegerland, Henning's origins and Kellner's work.
"The architecture is like a final point that completes the artistic process and at the same time it is also the starting point for a new artistic journey of the viewer - this is Kellner." (Irina Chmyrewa, art scholar, Russia)


Thomas Kellner:Generius Loci, Two Siegen Artists in Czarist Russia.
November 14-December 15, 2013
Metenkov House of Photography, Yekaterinburg, Ural Mountains, Russian Federation.

A big welcome for industrial photography by Thomas Kellner in Yekaterinburg

Metenkov House Museum of Photography Yekaterinburg, RU

Metenkov House Museum of Photography, is home of former photographer Metenkov. Since 1998 the Metenkov House shows international exhibitions on the first floor where there is always one room dedicated to the history of the building.  To date, Metenkov House Museum of Photography - is a multifunctional art space, bringing together the exhibition halls and photo club. Metenkov House Museum of Photography carries on its platform the number of international projects in photography, working with cultural institutions of Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, and their representative offices in Russia.

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