Fresh 2021 Finalist for Klompching New York

Klompching Fresh 2021 Finalist Thomas Kellner

The Siegen based fine art photographer Thomas Kellner has made it to the final selection in a competition organized by the New York based Klompching Gallery and has already been included in the online exhibition. More prizes are waiting for the 20 finalists. From August 11, the public can vote on the Instagram channel of the Klompching Gallery. The exhibition Fresh represents 20 artists who could not be more different. The color spectrum of the works ranges from more intense hues, such as bright yellow or purple, to dark gray and black color schemes. But one thing they all have in common is their young, creative and innovative flow. 


Thomas Kellner and the typology of half-timbered houses

Among the participants is the Siegen based photo artist Thomas Kellner (born 1966 in Bonn). He studied art, sociology, politics and economics at the University of Siegen. In 1996, he received the Kodak Young Talent Award, which encouraged him to pursue a life as an artist with photographic art. Since then, Kellner has lived in Siegen as an artist and curator of photographic exhibition projects. The Siegener fine-art photographer made it to the final 20 finalists with his photography of Siegen's half-timbered houses. The photographs are structured as a series and kept in black and white. The focus is on the half-timbered houses, while the background is blurred. The individual works create an interesting and comparative perspective in relation to the works of Bernhard and Hilla Becher created in the 50s to 70s. The Bechers photographed half-timbered houses serially. This makes it possible to draw a vivid comparison between the transformation of the residential buildings and the different artistic perspectives. The half-timbered houses stand out because of their profane method of construction and the archaic form of the simple house. You have the opportunity to vote for his picture with a Like on the Instagram page of Klompching Gallery from August 11 to 18.


Fresh Finalists 2021

Klompching Gallery is known worldwide for its focus on contemporary photography. It was founded in Brooklyn in September 2007 by Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching. The gallery has been featured in several New York magazines, including New York magazine and the Wall Street Journal. The gallery has also been featured on other culturally relevant websites. This contributes to a respected reputation. As in every year since 2011, the gallery holds the annual Fresh competition, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. The participants of the competition are international artists who showcase their individual works on contemporary art photography. The aim of the competition is to bring out the new, visionary, young, original art. Five of the finalists will exhibit their works at the gallery in New York. Furthermore, the finalists can win the Rhonda Wilson Award or a one-year contract with the gallery or a People`s Choice Award or a publication of their work as a Klompching Edition. This edition will be sold exclusively by the gallery on the website in an edition of 30 copies. These are exclusively signed and numbered by the respective artist and cost $300. The Rhonda Wilson Award has been given annually since 2017 and includes a stipend to Photolucida (portfolio meeting in Portland, Oregon), a five-hour class with Debra Klomp Ching, a one-year promotion, and $2000. The one-year annual contract includes representation of submitted works up to a maximum of ten artworks. The People's Choice Award offers $500 in prize money and has been held since 2020. The winner is determined by posting one participant's work at a time on Klompching Gallery's Instagram page for the public to vote for. The post that generated the most likes will win the 2021 People's Choice Award.


Photographic artist Thomas Kellner has once again succeeded in conquering the cosmopolitan city of New York with his regional art photography. He references the typology of the Bechers, but reworks the motif artistically, moving away from the pure documentary photography of the new objectivity and thus working in his very own style.

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