February 21, 2020: Thomas Kellner leaving KUNSTtag

Siegen. He is out! Fine art photographer Thomas Kellner has now returned his poster for the Siegen KUNSTtag, symbolically drawing a line. Kellner had regularly invited this project to his studio since 2010, but after losing the spacious premises on Friedrichstrasse, the charming old apartment on Wellersberg, which has now become his new studio, no longer offers the possibility of events of this size. In the future, Kellner's focus will be more on external exhibitions, such as the Haus der Kunst in Nümbrecht very soon.


The Siegener KUNSTtag project was launched in 2010 by the Kunstverein Siegen in order to inspire a wide audience for local art. Since then, art associations, galleries and even individual artists have presented themselves all over the city under a changing motto. The range of events ranges from the open studio to art performances. This year, the ART Day is under the motto "Art Path".

Thomas Kellner

The fine art photographer and artist Thomas Kellner was born in Bonn in 1966 and graduated from high school in the city of Düren. In 1989 he moved to Siegen to study, which he completed in 1996. Since then, Thomas Kellner has lived and worked there as a freelance artist and curator. In 2004 he was appointed to the German Society for Photography. Prof. Dr. Irina Chmyreva once described Kellner's work as a unique “visual analytical synthesis”.