December 7, 2020: Culture?

Yesterday I was at a general meeting again. Corona conform of course by zoom. The most important thing up front. Usually you have the chance to talk to one or the other before and after such meetings. And of course such meetings served also for networking and the short tee off with like-minded people. Here: Unfortunately no. The Zoom channel was open very shortly 20 minutes before and closed again very quickly when the first ones were seen. After one hour extension of the announced two hours. Plug out.
What had happened? One does not really know. The board in a 5 against all defensive and full of contradictions. In the run-up to the meeting, members were berated with "unreflective, undifferentiated, lying, unconstructive, dishonest, polemical" in equal measure. Employees were bidden farewell with the words that they would not be lost with their commitment, former board members were rebuked for their commitment and visionary work, before quickly playing one-heart and one soul together. Thank you, that's it for today. The board of directors steers the destiny. The members applaud. Apologies? So far no. It's a strange culture.