April 8, 2019: Thomas Kellner at Deutsches Fotomuseum

Leipzig. On Saturday evening, Thomas Kellner opened his exhibition Tango Metropolis at  Deutsches Fotomuseum in Markkleeberg, on the southern edge of Leipzig. In the exhibition Tango Metropolis, Thomas Kellner shows his pictures of the New World Wonders in mostly large format pictures. The exhibition started in a slightly different concept already in 2004 at the IHK-Galerie in Siegen and was on show in 2016 with a catalog in the didactic area of the Siegerlandmuseum in the Upper Castle in Siegen. In the catalog of the exhibition, Prof. Dr. Irina Chmyreva explains Kellner's work as a visual analytical synthesis, referring Kellner to Kant's theories as well as the stylistic forms of analytical and synthetic cubism. The exhibition near Leipzig can be seen until 11th August 2019

Thomas Kellner - Tango Metropolis
April 6 - August 11, 2019
Deutsches Fotomuseum, Markkleeberg, Germany

Deutsches Fotomuseum
Raschwitzer Straße 11-13
DE 04416 Markkleeberg
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