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Poster Open Studio 2011 Neuschwanstein, signed  
Open Studio 2011 introducing Castle Neuschwanstein For the Open Studio 2011 Thomas Kellner presented his work Neuschwanstein from the series Tango Metropolis. Among many other presentations, there…  
The Big Picture folder  
The Big Picture folder of the Grand Canyon signed The Big Picture was a large folding card of three times A4 sent to all galleries and museums on Thomas Kellner's mailing list. A long dream came…  
Creating Land at the Pingyao International Photography Festival 2022  
Grand opening of the Pingyao International Photography Festival Landscape photography at the Pingyao International Photography Festival Pingyao/Siegen. Yesterday, September 19, the largest Chinese…  
Thomas Kellner under contract by Klompching Gallery New York  
Thomas Kellner: Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today New York City. Thomas Kellner won the competition for a gallery representation at the Klompching Gallery in New York with his…  
Galerie Vrais Reves 40th anniversary show  
Artists and curators gathering at Galerie Vrais Reves Galerie Vrais Reves shows photography Lyon/Siegen. German fine art photographer Thomas Kellner opened the exhibition Pas de Deux together with…  
Galerie im Stammelbachspeicher  
Thomas Kellner exhibits at the gallery in the Stammelbachspeicher Hildesheim. On Sunday, the Galerie im Stammelbachspeicher opened the exhibition Flucticulus by fine art photographer Thomas…  
Kontakt – a book of contact sheets  
The Catalog Kontakt about the contact sheets by Thomas Kellner  
Contact sheet 1997–2013 by Galerie Vrais Reves  
Contact sheet 1997–2013 The catalog "Contacts" by Thomas Kellner shows central works of his cubist-deconstructivist montages in proof sheet of world-famous architecture from 1997 to 2013 from the…  
The Hearst Tower  
2009 Thomas Kellner was invited to photograph the new building for the Hearst family.  
Germany: border walks  
Portfolio border walks from the series of pinhole camera pictures along the new all-German border  
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