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Hoffman, Olga  
Olga Hoffman, London, Great Britain Lonely Dinner Fake and theatrical emotions like from old movies, surrealism, dreams, fairy tales and everyday life are the inspiration for Olga Hoffman's…  
Kuyas, Ferit  
Ferit Kuyas, Zurich, Switzerland Ferit Kuyas (1955) was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied architecture and law in Zurich, Switzerland and graduated 1982 in jurisprudence from the University of…  
Maisel, David  
David Maisel, Sausalito, California, USA Black Maps The Black Maps Project "Black Maps comprises aerial photographs of environmentally impacted landscapes. The depiction of these damaged…  
Luthringer, Mark  
Mark Luthringer is an architectural photographer from Oakland, USA  
Lake, Suzy  
Suzy Lake, Toronto ON, Canada Born in Detroit, Michigan, Suzy Lake lives and makes work in Toronto. She was among the first female artists to adopt performance, video and photographic work to…  
Ling, Elaine  
Elaine Ling, Ajax, Canada Cuba In Cuba, an island caught between the grandeur of old world glory and the decay of the immediate epoch, I found an urban landscape that reflects a struggle between…  
Latham, Nathalie  
Nathalie Latham, Paris, France Beijing In the media today, we are inundated by the notions of China being the next super power, and how it will leave the USA, Europe (and the West in general), way…  
Maas, Tina  
Tina Maas, London, Great Britain "I am fascinated by the unpredictability and the hand made quality of alternative processes and like experimenting with dry plate tintypes and liquid emulsion in…  
Majak, Katarzyna  
Katarzyna Majak is a polish fine art photographer, curator for “Warsaw Photo Days” and sits on the editorial board of ‘Fotografia’.  
Lischka, Tamara  
Tamara Lischka, Portland OR, USA Important Things When I was a child I occasionally found mermaid’s purses - egg cases for sharks and skates which had washed up on the beach. I wanted to open the…  
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