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Germany: border walks  
Portfolio border walks from the series of pinhole camera pictures along the new all-German border  
Double exposed  
Portfolio of 7 Double exposures, which happened along the journey around Germany  
Complete folio Dying Nature  
Experimentally capturing the death of a tree The beginning of the 90s was under the impression of acid rain and forest dieback. Thomas Kellner experimented since 1993 with a pinhole camera, with…  
1996: Fensterraeume Portfoliobox  
Between the windows of our historic studio building Altes Brauhaus At the beginning of my thesis at University of Siegen I continued to experiment with making my own pinhole cameras for 120 roll…  
German Border's Panoramas  
German Border Panoramas from a pinhole camera Experimenting with borders corresponds to the artist's subversive relationship to rules and boundaries. In 1996 Thomas Kellner travels through a united…  
Portfolio Gorges du Regalon  
Portfolio box Thomas Kellner Gorges du Regalon 1994/1996 with 5 pinhole camera photographs.  
Portfolio Hotelroom  
Fleeting moments in hotel rooms along the border captured with a pinhole camera.  
Poster open studio showing a Manhattan panorama  
Thomas Kellner showed his new work from Manhattan, New York at his open studio in 2013 and promoted the event with a poster.  
1992: special edition 5 photographs  
Special edition 5 photographs in a portfolio for Thomas Kellner's first solo show.  
1994: special edition 5 photographs  
5 special limited editioned photographs by Thomas Kellner, 1994.  
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