Germany: border walks

Examining a space that is actually just a line

This portfolio of 53 prints is one of the results of Thomas Kellner's final thesis at the University of Siegen. The focus of his thesis was a trip around present-day Germany. Seven years after reunification, Thomas Kellner traveled along the border with homemade pinhole cameras and used this photographically experimental process to examine a space that is actually just a line. At more than 50 venues along the border he pointed his camera at border buildings of transit, customs and border guards.

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1996: Folio Germany border walks

Detailed information about this folio of border walks

Title:Deutschland Grenzgänge (Germany Walking at the border)
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Prints: 53 BW prints on fibre paper
Size of paper:  24 x 30 cm
Size of image: 17,5 x17,5 cm
Edition: 5
Release Date: 1996
Price: 19000 Euros

Acknowledgement for this folio about the German border

Thank you Ulla Moll for acompanying this project

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