German Border's Panoramas

German Border Panoramas from a pinhole camera

Experimenting with borders corresponds to the artist's subversive relationship to rules and boundaries. In 1996 Thomas Kellner travels through a united Germany with self-made pinhole cameras. While borders were being dismantled in the West, the border of East Germany was the new external border of the EU. Among other series, this series of panoramas was created with a specially built panorama camera. Experimenting with the film, the camera's self-curled cropping, and the stretching of the format are among the fundamentals that led Kellner to contact sheets. It was the way out of the photographic conventions of the format itself.

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Portfolio Deutschland – Grenzpanoramen (Germany – border's panoramas)

Detailed information about this folio of the german border panoramas

Title: Grenzpanoramen
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Prints: 14 photographs
Size of paper:  49,5 x 14 cm
Size of image: 46,6 x 11,1cm
Edition: 10
Release Date: 1996
Price: 2900,- Euros

Acknowledgement for this folio of the German border in panoramas

Thank you to Prof. Jürgen Königs for his support during my thesis.

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