USA, San Francisco, Trans America Building

San Francisco, Trans America Building

The Transamerica Pyramid is built on the location of the historic Montgomery Block in 1969 till 1972. The Building has a structural height of 260 metres and was intended for the headquarters Transamerica Corporation but now it is occupied by the Church of Scientology. The building is a tall (98th tallest building in the world), four-sided pyramid with two "wings" on opposite sides of the building. It was designed by the architect William Pereira (1909-1985), and is the recognizable skyscraper of San Francisco. The building's façade is covered in crushed quartz, giving the building its pure white colour. The Pyramid has got 3,678 windows and took part in many pop cultures, which bestows the building international attention. You can find the Transamerica Building at 600 Montgomery Street, San Francisco. 


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