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Pereira, William

William Leonard Pereira (1909 – 1985)

William Leonard Pereira, born 1909 in Chicago was an American who is known for his futuristic designs of landmark buildings such as the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.
Pereira graduated from the School of Architecture, University of Illinois and began his career in Chicago. With his brother, Hal, he designed the Esquire Theater at 58 East Oak Street.
William Pereira died of cancer at age 76 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Important Buildings

400 Tower, Newport Beach
500/550 Twin Towers, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
611 Place, Los Angeles
800/850 Twin Towers, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
ABC Paramount Theatres headquarters, Los Angeles
Ahmanson Center for Biological Research, University of Southern California
American Red Cross Chapel, Los Angeles
Amfac Center, Ontario, Canada
Anderson Hills Shopping Center, Williams, California
Armed Services Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia
Art Building, Occidental College, Los Angeles
Arthur Coons Center, Occidental College, Los Angeles
Automation Post Office, Washington, D.C.
Avco Research Center, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Baghdad International Airport, Iraq
Baghdad International AirportAmerican Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Los Angeles International Airport
Bank of America, Whittier, California
Bank of California, Orange, California
Beacon Street Apartments, Santa Catalina Island, California
Beckman Corporation plant, Newport Beach, California
Bell Operations Training Facility, Tehran, Iran
Berlin Hilton, Berlin, Germany
Bethany Heights Condominiums
Beverly Hills Hotel Addition, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Medical Building, Beverly Hills
Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara, California
Bing Theatre, University of Southern California
Bing Theatre, University of Southern California
Biology Building, Cal Tech campus
Boise Industrial Park, Boise, Idaho
Bullock's Fashion Square, Santa Ana, California
Bunker Hill Towers, Los Angeles
California Bank Building, Costa MesaArizona State Prison, Florence, Arizona
California State Capitol Building Addition, Sacramento, California
Camp Pendleton Hospital, Camp Pendleton, California
Carthay Circle Theatre, Hollywood
CBS Television CityCBS Television City, Los Angeles
Central Post Office, La Habra, California
Cerritos Cultural Center, Cerritos, California
Charles Lee Powell Hall, University of Southern California
Children's Theatre Arts Center, Los Angeles
Chrysler Sales & Service Training Center, Anaheim, California
Citibank, Albany, New York
Citibank, Rochester, New York
Citibank, Smith Grove, New York
Citibank, Syracuse, New York
City Hall, Miami, Florida
Civic Center, Aurora, Illinois
Civic Center, Newport Beach, California
Civic Center, San Dimas, California
Civic Center, Santa Fe Springs, California
Clear Lake City Facility, University of Houston
Clementine Avenue Townhouses, Santa Catalina Island, California
Columbia Records pressing plant, Santa Maria, California
Communications Building, Los Angeles City College
Communications Building, Los Angeles City College
Communications School and Recreation Complex, Loyola University, Los Angeles
Communicore, EPCOT Center, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Community Building, Santa Fe Springs, California
Computer Science Center, University of Southern California
Conference Center and Housing Complex, Lagos, Nigeria
Continental Airlines First Class Lounge, Los Angeles International Airport
Continental Hotel, Guam
Continental Savings and Loan, Montebello, California
Convair Astronautics, San Diego, California
Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio
Convention Center, Palm Springs, California
Convention Center, San Francisco
Cord Residence, Reno, Nevada
County Government Center, San Bernardino, California
Crocker Citizen's Bank, San Francisco
David Bright residence
Del E. Webb residence, Mission Bay, California
Descanso Canyon Hotel, Santa Catalina Island, California
Desert Hospital, Palm Springs, California
Dickson Art Center, University of California, Los Angeles
Disneyland Hotel
Doha Sheraton Hotel, Doha, Qatar
Doheny Office Building, Beverly Hills
Don Muang Airport, Thailand
Dormitories, Music and Science Buildings, Occidental College, Los Angeles
Douglas Aircraft Plaza, Irvine, California
Douglas Aircraft Research Laboratory
Eastern Airlines Terminal, Atlanta International Airport
Eastmont Mall, Oakland, California
Eddie Martin Terminal, John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, California 
Eisenhower Center, Washington, D.C.
Electronics and Radio Propagation Research Laboratories, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California
Elgin Watch Company Industrial Plant, Chicago
Fallbrook Hospital, Fallbrook, California
Farmers & Stockmen's Bank, Phoenix, Arizona
Federal Correctional Facility, Camarillo, California
Ferris Rehearsal Hall, University of Southern California
Fine Arts Building, University of Vermont
Fine Arts Complex, University of California, Irvine
Firestone Aeronautical Research Laboratory, Cal Tech campus
Firestone Tire company headquarters, Los Angeles
First Hawaiian Bank Building, Honolulu
First National Bank, Denver, Colorado
Ford Aeronutronics, Irvine, California 
Ford Aeronutronics, Newport Beach, California 
Fort St. Vrain Nuclear Power Plant, Denver, Colorado
Fox Hills Home Savings and Loan, Fox Hills, California
Fox Theatre, San Francisco
Frank Hagel Social Security Building, Richmond, California
Fremont Junior College
Gaylord Apartments, Las Vegas, Nevada
Geisel Library, San DiegoCivic Center and Auditorium, Inglewood, California
Geisel Library, University of California, San Diego
Gene Donovan residence, Salt Lake City
General Atomic, La Jolla, California
General Atomics headquarters, Sorrento Valley, California
General Telephone Company Administration Building, Whittier, California
General Telephone Research Laboratories, Palo Alto, California
Geneva Presbyterian Church, Laguna Hills, California
Gibraltar Savings & Loan Headquarters, Beverly Hills, California
Gibraltar Savings and Loan, Baldwin Hills, California
Gibraltar Savings and Loan, San Marino, California
Gildread Theatre, Mexico City
Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California
Grand Slam Health Club, Costa Mesa, California
Great Western Savings and Loan, Los Angeles
Greyhound Bus Terminal, Reno, Nevada
Grossmont Hospital, San Diego, California
Gulf Mall, Panama City, Florida
H.S. Pogue Department Store, Cincinnati, Ohio
Hall of Science, University of Southern California
Harbor Justice Center, Irvine, California
Harrah's, Reno, Nevada
Harrah's, Reno, NevadaBarstow Community College, Barstow, California
Harris Fine Arts Center, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City
Harrisburg International Airport, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hartsfield Airport, Atlanta, Georgia
Hawaii Kai Studio, Honolulu
Hillcrest Hospital, Petaluma, California
Hilton Hotel, Kuta, Bali
Hilton Hotels headquarters, Beverly Hills
Hoag Hospital, Kona, Hawaii
Hoffman Electronics headquarters, Santa Barbara, California
Hoffman Science Center, Santa Barbara, California
Hollywood Communications Center, Hollywood
Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Museum
Hollywood Park Hotel and Office Complex, Hollywood
Honolulu Medical Complex, Honolulu, Hawaii
Horrock's, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Horticulture Building and Greenhouse, University of California, Irvine
Hospital, University of Southern California
Host International Headquarters, Los Angeles
Hotel Ivoire, Ivory Coast
Howard Johnson Hotel, Anaheim, California
Hunt Branch Library, Fullerton, California
Hunter Engineering plant, Riverside, California
Hyatt Hotel, Kuwait
Hydrocarbon Institute, University of Southern California
IBM headquarters, Los Angeles
Imperial Medical Center, Tehran, Iran
International Clubs headquarters, Los Angeles
International Motion Pictures studio, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Intevep Laboratories, Caracas, Venezuela
J.C. Penney, Honolulu, Hawaii
J.C. Penney, Sacramento, California
J.C. Penney, San Bernardino, California
Jack Langson Library, University of California, IrvineAvalon Townhouses, Santa Catalina Island, California
JC Penney, San Diego
Jet Production and Test Center, Palmdale, California
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
John Stauffer Hall of Science, University of Southern California
John Steinbeck Library, Salinas, California
Jonathan Club, Los Angeles
Kauai Inn and Conference Center, Hawaii
KEYT Television Station, Santa Barbara, California
Kona Bishop Hotel, Kona, Hawaii
KTTV Television Station, Los Angeles
Laguna Playhouse, Laguna Beach, California
Lake County General Hospital, Hobbs, New Mexico
Lake County Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Waukegan, Illinois
Lake Tahoe Community College, Lake Tahoe, California
Law Building, University of Southern California
Lear Corporation, Goleta, California
Lear Industrial plant, Santa Monica
Leleiwe Beach Hotel, Hilo, Hawaii
Library, Cypress, California
Library, Santa Fe Springs, California
Library, University of Cincinnati
Linda Island homes, Newport Beach, California
Litton Industries headquarters, Santa Catalina Island, California
Lockheed headquarters, Calabasas, California
Lockheed Power Plant, Palmdale, California
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles Times, Costa Mesa, California
Los Angeles Times, Northridge, California
Los Angeles Trade Tech Library, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Zoo
Luke Air Force Base, Phoenix, Arizona
Makaha Towers and Country Club, Makaha, Hawaii
Maricopa Jail, Maricopa, California
Marineland of the Pacific, Palos Verdes, California
Marriott Hotel, Bermuda
Marriott Hotel, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Mauna Loa Shores Apartments, Hawaii
Medical and Dental Clinic, San Diego Naval Training Center
Metropolitan Water District building, Los Angeles, California
Motion Picture Country House and Hospital, Woodland Hills, California
Mutual Benefit Life Building, Cincinnati, Ohio
National Bureau of Standards building, Boulder, Colorado
Naval Base, New Orleans, Louisiana
Naval Hospital, Port Hueneme, California
Naval Hospital, San Diego, California
Nellis Air Force Base buildings, Nevada
New England Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham
Newport Beach MarriottAlbert S. Raubenheimer Music Building, University of Southern California
Newport Medical Towers, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Newport Medical Towers5900 Wilshire Tower, Los Angeles
Nob Hill Condominiums, San Francisco
North American Aviation, Santa Catalina Island, California
Occidental Life Insurance Company headquarters, Los Angeles
Olin Hall of Engineering, University of Southern California
Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles
Otis Chandler residence, San Marino, California
Pacific Financial Center, Los Angeles
Pacific Life building, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Pacific Mutual Building, San Francisco
Pan Am Terminal, Honolulu International Airport
Pan Pacific Theatre, Los Angeles
Park La Brea, Los Angeles
Park Wellington Condominiums, Los Angeles
Pepsi plant, Santa Ana, California
Performing Arts Center, Whittier, California
Physical Plant Building B, University of Southern California
Physical Sciences Building, University of Southern California
Pontiac Office Tower, Singapore
Produce Market, Los Angeles
Professional Office Building, Glendale, California
Prudential Office Building, Costa Mesa, California
Prudential Savings and Loan #2, Salt Lake City
Prudential Savings and Loan building, Salt Lake City
Prudential Savings and Loan, Butte, Montana
Prudential Tower, Boston
Quail Springs Shopping Center, Quail Springs, Oklahoma
Raley's Landing, Sacramento, California
Regent Beach Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand
Reno International Airport, Reno, Nevada
Rio de Janeiro International Airport, Brazil
Riverside Administration Building, Riverside, California
Robinson's department store, Beverly Hills
Robinson's department store, Palm Springs, California
Robinson's department store, Pasadena, California
Robinson's La Cumbre Plaza, Santa Barbara400 Tower, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Robinson's, Fashion Island, Newport Beach, California
Robinson's, La Cumbre Plaza, Santa Barbara, California
Rockwell Autonetics, Laguna Niguel, California 
Rosenweig Commercial Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Rye Canyon Science Laboratory, Palmdale, California
San Diego International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
San Nicolas Place, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
Santa Ana Cinema, Santa Ana, California
Satellite Building 2, Los Angeles International Airport
Scripps Clinic, San Diego
Seaquarium, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Sears Shopping Center, La Puerte, California
Seaver Science Center, University of Southern California
Security Pacific National Bank, Oakland, California
Service Bureau Office Building, Los Angeles
Shuttle Terminal, La Guardia Airport, New York City
Signal Oil headquarters, Los Angeles
Social Security Administration Center, San Francisco
South Coast Town Center, Costa Mesa, California 
Southern California School of Theology, Claremont, California 
St. Vincent's Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, California
Staten Island Hospital, New York City
Studio Theatre, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
T-2 Information Systems, Carlsbad, California
Tehran International Airport, Tehran, Iran
Texas Industrial Laundries, Corpus Christi
The Broadway, Fox Hills, California
The Broadway, Santa Anita, California
Toyota Headquarters, Torrance, California
Transamerica headquarters, Los Angeles
Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco
Transamerica Pyramid, San FranciscoBob Hope residence, Burbank, California
Tunis Airport, Tunisia
Two Houston Center, Houston, Texas
Two Transamerica Center, San Francisco
UCI Fine Arts Complex
Union Bank, Fullerton, California
Union Bank, Pasadena, California
Union Oil headquarters, Los Angeles (now Los Angeles Center Studios)
United California Bank, San Mateo, California
United States Air Force and Naval Bases, Cádiz, Spain
United States Navy Defense Office Complex, Washington, D.C.
United States Navy training facility, San Diego, California
Universal City Sheraton Hotel, Burbank, California
University of California, Irvine campus 
USC Marine Science Center, Santa Catalina Island, California
Vacia Talega Hotel and Condominiums, Puerto Rico
Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, California
Ventura Bank and Office Building, Ventura, California
Virginia Ramo Hall of Music, University of Southern California
Vivian Hall, University of Southern California
Vogue Theatre, Hollywood
Wadsworth General Hospital, Veteran's Administration, Los Angeles
Warner Bros. Office Building, Burbank, California
Wells Fargo Bank, Newport Center, Newport Beach, California
West Covina Country Club and Apartments, West Covina, California
Western Hydraulics Plant 2, Van Nuys, California
Western Hydraulics plant, Van Nuys, California
Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco
William H. Block Department Store, Indianapolis
William Pereira's own house, Los Angeles
Wilshire County Country Club, Los Angeles
Wilshire Regent Hotel, Los Angeles
World Airways Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport
World's Fair, Washington, D.C.
WSBT Television Station, South Bend, Indiana
Yanbu Residential Community, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia