USA, Chicago, Wrigley Building and Chicago Tribune

Chicago, Wrigley Building and Chicago Tribune

The Wrigley building stands out with its sparkling white terra-cotta cladding, the well-proportioned architecture. The building was modelled on the Giralda tower of the cathedral in Sevilla. It consists of 2 sections: the tallest, 30 story southern building, has a 121 meter high tower and was completed in 1921. The largest, 21 story northern section, was completed in 1924. The 2 structures are connected by an open walkway on street level and 2 elevated walkways on the 3rd and 14th story. Between the two structures is the small Wrigley plaza. It was originally designed by the Wrigley building's architects, Graham, Anderson and Probst. The Wrigley building serves as the headquarters of the Wrigley (chewing gum) company and was built in 1920 by the company's founder, William Wrigley Jr.
Address: 400 – 410 North Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, USA


>>> Graham, Anderson, Probst & White

>>> Ernest Robert Graham

>>> William Pierce Anderson

>>> Edward Mathias Probst

>>> Howard Judson White

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The Tribune Tower is a gothic building and home of the Chicago Tribune and Tribune Company. WGN Radio (720 kHz) also broadcasts from the building, with ground-level studios overlooking nearby Pioneer Court und Michigan Avenue. CNN’s Chicago bureau is located in the building. The Chicago Daily Tribune organized in 1922 a competition for the 'most beautiful and eye-catching building in the world'. Raymond M. Hood and John Howell, the architects of the building, won the first place due to their familiar gothic design and because the building fulfilled the needs of the newspaper best. The Chicago Tribune Tower remains a remarkable architectural monument.
Address: 435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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