Probst, Edward Mathias

Edward Mathias Probst ( - 1942)

Edward Probst, born 1870, was an Chicago architect. In 1901 he joined D. H. Burnham & Company and remained all his life with the firm, which later became Graham, Anderson, Probst & White.

Important Buildings:

  • Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Straus Building, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Field Museum, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Wrigley Building, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Merchants Bank Building, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Civic Opera House, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Old main U. S. Post Office, Chicago, Ilinois
  • Selfridge Store in London
  • Union Trust Building
  • Union Station,Cleveland
  • Pennsylvania Station,Philadelphia.
  • Terminal Tower,Cleveland
  • Federal Reserve Bank,Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bryant Building, Kansas City, Missouri


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