Polevskoy, Serversky Tube Works

Polevskoy, Serversky Tube Works

In 1723, on the banks of the Polevaya River, the Polevskoy Copper-Smelting Factory was founded based on the order of W. Henning. In 1739, another factory was founded nearby, the Seversky Ironworks. In the middle of the 18th Century, both factories were sold to a merchant, Aleksey Turchaninov. The nearby mines were known for the richest copper deposits in the Middle Urals. Ornamental malachite stone from the Urals became one of the main decorations in the halls of the Winter Palace and Versailles. The factories were nationalized after the Revolution of 1917, and in 1942, the settlements near the Polevskoy factory received the status of a town: Polevskoy. In the early 1960s, pipe
production for gas and oil deposits found in Siberia started in the Seversky Works. In 2000, production was modernized with the help of German companies
when new, environmentally safe electric steel-smelting furnaces were installed.

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