Germany, Munich, Hypovereinsbank

Muenchen, Hypovereinsbank

The Hypo-Haus is a skyscraper in Munich constructed between 1975 and 1981 and serves as headquarters of the HypoVereinsbank. It is located at Arabellapark, part of the Bogenhausen district in the East of Munich next to the Arabella High-Rise Building. The building is 114 metres high and was planned by the architecs Walter Betz und Bea Betz. The floors of the building with its glass and aluminium facade suspend from several circular concrete piers. 

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In the Collection of: The Dayton Art Institute

"The HypoVereinsbank building, designed by Walter and Bea Benz, is an architectural landmark completed in 1981 in Munich, Germany. At 350 feet in height, the building is notable for its aluminum-glass facade, especially when the clouds and traffic are mirrored on the glass surface. In this photograph, Kellner deconstructs the architectural appearance and reorganizes it like a mosaic contact sheet with cellular images, presenting a completely new form. The artist states “The contact print is central to my conceptual approach, symbolizing the duration of time and a product of mass-photography.” As a conceptual artist, Kellner challenges the viewer to reexamine the familiar and to question human relationships with our surroundings.
Born in Bonn, Thomas Kellner studied art and social sciences at the University of Siegen with a strong interest in experimental photography. After teaching shortly at a high school, he decided to concentrate on photography. In 1997, he drew an international attention with his photographs of the Eiffel Tower. Since then, Keller has developed a reputation for fragmented photographs of architectural monuments around the world. (The Dayton Art Institute 2006)