Brazil, Brasilia, Superior Court of Justice

STJ, Superior Court of Justice

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) is a maximum of organs of the judiciary in Brazil. Its primary function is to ensure the uniformity of interpretations of the Brazilian federal law. The STJ is also called "Court of Citizenship, by its origin in the" Citizen Constitution ". It is the responsibility of the STJ judge ultimately all constitutional matters infrastructure unskilled, which are beyond the labor courts, military and electoral, not addressed in the Constitution, as the trial of questions concerning the application of federal law or divergence of judicial interpretation. In the first case, the Court hears an appeal if a lower court denied the application of Article federal law. In the second case, the Superior Court acts in the uniform interpretation of the decisions of lower courts, that is, noting that the interpretation of federal law under a court (Court of Justice of São Paulo) is divergent another court (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro or of the Superior Court of Justice), the STJ can hear the question and finally unify the interpretation.

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