Mercado, Antonio Rivas

Antonio Rivas Mercado (1853 - 1927)

Mercado was born in Tepic in 1853. He was a Mexican architect, engineer and restorer. Mercado was sent  to Europe at the age of 10 to study. Its possible,that he studied Fine Arts and Architecture in Paris, France. In 1879 he returned to Mexico City and opend his own practice as an architect and tought at the Schools of Engineering and Architecture. In 1902 he was commissioned by President Porfirio Díaz to design and construct the Independence Column. From 1903 to 1912 he was the Director of the Nacional School of Fine Arts in Mexico City. In his last years, he moved back to Paris. After his return to Mexico, he died in 1927.


Important works

Teatro Juárez, Guanajuato, Mexico
Convento de San Diego, Mexico
Wax Museum in Mexiko-City, Mexico
Customer building, Tlatelolco, Mexico
Palace, Tlalpan, Mexico
Calle de Londres 6, Mexiko-City, Mexico
Calle de Héroes 45, Mexiko-City, Mexico
Numerous Hpuses, Mexico, Mexico
Angel de Independencia, Mexico- City, Mexico