Herzog & de Meuron two swiss creatives

Jacques Herzog (born 19 April 1950) & Pierre deMeuron ( born 8 May 1950)

Life of Herzog & de Meuron

Jacques Herzog and Pierre deMeuron are two swiss architects. They met and began their collaboration together during their studies. After they received their diploma, they created together an architectural firm.
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Herzog & DeMeuron Basel LTD. is an architectural firm based in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1978 by the two Swiss architects, Jacques Herzog and Pierre deMeuron. The firm began to acquire its first international recognition between 1995 and 1997 when they realized an extension of the Tate modern museum in London. In 2003, it was commissioned to build among the different infrastructures, the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics wich took place in China.

Herzog & deMeuron major projects

Among the most notable projects the two architects have worked on throughout their career, we can find the Allianz Arena in Munich but also the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Informations-, Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum (IKMZ) in Cottbus, the Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg, and an extension of the Tate Modern Museum in London, one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world.

Architect’s careers

Jacques Herzog and Pierre deMeuron were born respectively on April the 19th 1950, and on the 8th of Mai 1950 in Basel. After graduating from school and obtaining their high school diploma, they began studying architecture together at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich with Aldo Rossi and Dolf Schnebli as professor from 1975 onwards. In 1999, Jacques Herzog was appointed as a professor at the ETH in Zurich where he studied architecture and became the Founder of the ETH Studio in Basel. In November 2000, they were both awarded an honorary doctorate in political science by the faculty of economic at the University of Basel. For their work on the London Tate Museum, both architects received the Pritzker architecture prize in 2001, one of the highest architectural prize one can bestow.

The Elbphilharmonie by Herzog & deMeuron

One of the major works of the two architects has been the “Elbphilharmonie”. Located in the Hafen city in Hambourg, it is, with its 26 floors reaching 108 meters high, one of the largest concert Halls in the world. The construction began on April 2nd 2007 on an old warehouse, the Kaispeicher. The construction of the building lasted until October 31st 2016 and the first public test concert took place on the 25th of November 2016, however the building was officially inaugurated on the 11th of January 2017. The building is a cultural and residential complex, comprising three concert venues, a hotel, conference rooms but also bars, restaurants, a spa and a parking garage. The outside appearance of the structure, composed of the old warehouse and on top of it the more modern construction has made it one of the most well-known landmarks of the city.

Today, Jacques Herzog and Pierre DeMeuron are two of the most famous architects worldwide. Their work is widely recognized all around the world and some of their projects such as the Allianz Arena in Munich or the Elbphilarmonie in Hamburg are among the most popular buildings of their cities.

Important buildings by Herzog and de Meuron

  • Allianz Arena, Munich, 2002–2005
  • Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, 2007–2017
  • Tate Gallery of Modern Art, extension, London, 2005–2011
  • National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing, 2003–2007
  • Information, Communication and Media Centre at BTU-Cottbus, Cottbus, 1998–2004
  • Meret Oppenheim High-rise, Basel, 2016–2019
  • Museum M+, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hongkong, 2013–2017.
  • Vitra Schaudepot on the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, 2016.
  • Roche-Tower (Building 1), Basel, 2012–2015.
  • Blavatnik School of Government, Universität Oxford, Oxford.
  • Extension of the Unterlinden-Museums, Colmar, 2011–2015.
  • Natural pool, Riehen near Basel, 2010–2014.
  • Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, New York, Long Island, New York 2012.
  • 1111 Lincoln Road, Parking garage with shops and flats, Miami Beach, 2010.
  • Extension of the Küppersmühle Museum of Modern Art, Duisburg, 2009–2010.
  • 56 Leonard Street, New York City, 2008–2016
  • VitraHaus on the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein, 2007–2009
  • Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2007
  • Miami Art Museum, Miami, 2006–2010
  • St. Jakob Park, Basel, 1998-2001, extension for Euro 2008 2006-2007
  • St. Jakob Tower, Basel, in the course of the expansion of St. Jakob Park, 2005-2008
  • Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1999–2005
  • Schaulager, Munichstein (near Basel), 2003
  • Museum Küppersmühle for Modern art – Grothe collection, Duisburg, 2000
  • Actelion Headquarters, Allschwil, 2007–2010
  • Prada Aoyama Epicenter, Tokyo, 2001–2003
  • Extension of the Aargauer Kunsthauses, Aarau, 2001–2003
  • Central signal box, Basel, 1994–1998
  • Library of the University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Eberswalde, 1993–1996

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Building photographed by Thomas Kellner