de Sabatini, Francisco

Francisco de Sabatini (1722 - 1797)

Francesco Sabatini or Francisco Sabatini, born 1722 in Palermo, Italy - was an Italian architect, who worked in Spain. Died 1797 in Madrid.

Francesco Sabatini studied architecture in Rome. His first contact with the Spanish monarchy was when he worked in the construction of the Palace of Caserta for the King of Naples and Duke of Parma and Tuscany, Carlos VII, the future King Carlos III of Spain. As soon as he was raised to the Spanish throne, he called Sabatini to Madrid in 1760, where he was positioned above the most outstanding Spanish architects of the time. He was appointed as Great Master of Royal Works, with the rank of lieutenant colonel at the Engineers Corps, simultaneously designated also as an honorary academician of the Academia Real de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.


Important Buildings:


Replaces Sachetti in the works of the Royal Palace of Madrid until its conclusion (1760-1764).

Royal Customs House in Alcala Street, present seat of the Ministry of Property.

Convento de San Pascual de Aranjuez

Southeastern wing of the Royal Palace

Rebuilding the monastery of the Comendadoras of Santiago

Puerta de Alcalá

Basilica de San Francisco

Casa de los Secretarios de Estado y del Despacho, also known as the Palace of the Marquess de Grimaldi and Palace of Godoy

Convent of Franciscan of San Gil in the Prado de Leganitos

Reconstruction of the Plaza Mayor de Madrid after the 1790 fire, together with Juan de Villanueva.