Thomas Kellner – genius loci, Kunstverein Alte Feuerwache, Dresden, Germany, April 22 - May 12, 2019

Thomas Kellner - genius loci
April 22 - May 12, 2019
Kunstverein Alte Feuerwache, Dresden, Germany

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“Kellner’s technique is similar to Cortázar’s gíglico in that many —though not all— of the pieces in his composites are semantically opaque.” Castro, Fernando R. 2011. “Thomas Kellner: Kontakte Einer Unendlichen Stadt.” In Thomas Kellner: Mexiko, edited by Thomas Kellner, 37-46, 49-57 engl. Lüdenscheid, Berlin: Seltmann+Söhne.

Thomas Kellner shows in the exhibition genius loci - Two Siegeners in the Tzars Land Sketches, designs and collages, which were created in the course of his project between Siegen and Yekaterinburg - two important economic areas in Germany and Russia with a common history of industrial culture.

From 2012 to 2014 Kellner went in the footsteps of Siegen's native Georg Wilhelm Henning, clarified the historical situation and grappled artistically and photographically with the similarities - the processing of steel and metal. The result was a series on industrial architecture in the Siegerland and the Urals, which shows hitherto little-known connections and tells interesting things about Henning's origins and his own work as an artist.

Thomas Kellner lives since 1989 in Siegen, where he works since 1997 as a freelance artist. He is known for his images of seemingly dancing architecture of world-famous landmarks that are quite unique because of his artistic method of visual analytical synthesis. Not only a picture is taken, but many are planned, and then brought together in the form of contact sheets - a process of construction, while the finished work is more like deconstruction.

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