Patterns of Work, Art Spot Korin Gallery, Japan

Patterns of Work
March 9–4 April 2021
Art Spot Korin Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Participating artists: Ensieh Rezghuost, Holger Wendland, Sinaida Hippius, Werner Klompen, Lihie Talmor, Jan Oelker, Mira Turnšek, Jo Siamon Salich, Wim Vonk, Tilo Schwalbe et Andre Jordan, Emma Zunz, Marion Möcke, Oleg Kostyuk, Emilie Goffin Saalfeld, Inken Boje, Tom Glöß, Janak Kouzel, Thomas Kellner, Birger Jesch, Alekseey Manukyan, Mariya Hoyin, Satomi Watanabe, Sergey Mosienko, Masahiro Kawanaka, Marianna Glynska, Andreas Kittelmann, Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Odorico, Schweiger, Marja Krejakre Paul Dorn et St Pauli, Arturas Viliauga, Eshagh Aghaei Mansour Abad, Yasen Kazandjiev, Wolodomyr Topiy, Bernhard Hinz, Rumyana Teneva, Yuri Mechitov, Andrea Pierus, Markus Thieme, Joe Lehmann Stef Fridael, Alexander Limarev, Denizhan Özer.

“His art deals with reality, employing both the level of interpretation behind it along with abstraction at the same time.” Zehnder, Professor Frank Günter, PhD (Übersetzung von:Thomas, Nelly) Farbwelt 135-36 Kreis Düren, 2010, Düren, page 47.

Patterns of Work

Most people consider work as an integral part of everyday life. Through the lens of their cameras, artists from 20 different countries search for patterns to breathe new life into this theme. The results of the search are shown at the Art Spot Korin Gallery in Kyoto. The exhibition Patterns of Work follows the already successful poster project series Exercise with Stones (2018). This was shown in four countries and built up from the work of 57 artists from 17 countries. The current project, curated by Holger Wendland and the Localship Organization, will be on view at Art Spor Korin Gallery from 9 March 2021 to 4 April 2021. Exhibitions will then take place all around the world. It builds on a very special form of exhibition. This is very convenient in the current situation: the sending works.

Thomas Kellner is one of the fina art artists shown in the Art Gallery. He is exhibiting a picture of the Eiffel Tower that he made of proof sheets. He is one of the only artists in the world who works this way. This has enabled him to fill countless people with enthusiasm for his proof sheets. His invention is on display at the Art Spot Korin Gallery, amidst works by other photographic artists who give this unusual subject a voice.

Thank you to Holger Wendland, Local Ship and the Art Spot Korin Gallery for organizing and curating this extraordinary exhibition in Kyoto, Japan.