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Regensburg. The exposition Enraptured presents the works of three fine art photographers: KunstvereinGRAZ presents photographic works by Thomas Kellner from Siegen, Markus Hoffmann from Düsseldorf and Katharina Tenberge-Holzer from Regensburg. All three deal with architecture and have developed their very own approach and visual language. Isaac Newton said: “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”. Visitors do cross bridges that connect the different artists.

Thomas Kellner enraptured by the new World wonders of the world from the series Tango Metropolis.

Thomas Kellner is an internationally recognized fine art photographer and curator living in Siegen. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has shown his work in solo representations all over the world (e.g., Australia, Russia, China, France, Brazil, USA, etc.). During this period, he was nominated to the German Society for Photography (DGPh) in 2003. But what does his images show? He became known above all for his large-format photos of famous architectural monuments, which look like photo mosaics through many individual images and a shifted camera perspective. He transferred the international trend of deconstructivism from architecture into photography. In this representation of KunstvereinGRAZ, he is showing his large-format contact prints from the series Tango Metropolis for the first time in the Bavarian city. In this project, Thomas Kellner shows the new wonders of the world. With his unique technique, the Siegener succeeds in creating an image of a building in which the massive stone walls are cut into pieces and the perspectives are jumbled. In this way he manages to deconstruct and reconstruct the object at the same time. The picture Neuschwanstein, for example, consists of 480 individual shots placed next to each other and brings it to the format 91.2 x 69.8 cm.

Hoffmann, Markus enraptured by the dialogue between the viewer and the fine art photographer.

Markus Hoffmann was born in Düsseldorf in 1966. He lives and works as a freelance artist in Meerbusch. He is also, most recently, the managing director of a renowned photo lab in Düsseldorf. What do his pictures tell us? Hoffmann's works are narrations about people and build a dialogue between the viewer and the photographer. It is about their adaptation to change, the realization of their own individuality - and all this in the context of temporal change. His pictures talk about people without depicting them.  In the series Reduced he shows concentrated sections of architecture. The color-intensive images of high abstraction are precisely composed and create exciting pictorial situations with unusual perspectives. The pictures defy clear orientation and reveal new associations. 

Tenberge-Holzer, Katharina enraptured by the relationship of people with their environment

Katharina Tenberge-Holzer is an independent photographer, designer and lecturer. In her photography, she is concerned with the investigation of urban space as a social structure. She examines the relationship between people and nature and how people interact with their surroundings. In her architectural photography, photographer Katharina Tenberge-Holzer focuses on façades, windows and doors. The obstructed view and the preoccupation with the limits of the medium of photography play a major role. In her series Algorithms, she uses digital retouching tools for her project. The digital artefacts in Tenberge-Holzer's works show the possibilities and limits of current image manipulation. She uses tools to make image elements disappear automatically in an image-manipulative and exaggerated way to question traditional visual habits and media experiences.

The KunstvereinGRAZ with art, around art and for the art’s sake.

The KunstvereinGRAZ was founded in 2002 in the city of Regensburg. The KunstvereinGRAZ has a lot to offer to its audience: Representations, concerts, readings, film evenings and symposia. There is a consistent crossover of graphic design, visual art, videos, literature, nature art, pop, field recording, music, theatre and even puppet theatre. This association describes itself as an association with art, around art and art’s sake. That is why many international artists exhibit or perform here. The KunstvereinGRAZ sees the city of Regensburg in a bridging function for Eastern Europe, according to which the association orients its program.

This plurality of the KunstvereinGRAZ makes it a suitable and beautiful place for precisely this show.Thomas Kellner, Markus Hoffmann and Katharina Tenberge-Holzer have their own way of presenting the architecture. This time, the Bavarian city does not play the bridging role between Eastern and Western Europe, but shows how diverse positions can be in the observation of architecture and invite visitors to walk across the visual bridges of a new show.

“[…] we are fortunate that artists of Thomas Kellner’s vision will continue to be there, mindful of the space that art offers us […].” Flukinger, Roy, Senior Research Curator, Houston, we've had a problem!  2013, Seltmann+Söhne, Berlin/Siegen, page 12

Contacts and contributors

8. – 30. April 2022
KunstvereinGRAZ, Regensburg

Contributors: Katharina Tenberge-Holzer, Markus Hoffmann and Thomas Kellner

KunstvereinGRAZ e.V.
Obere Bachgasse 19
93047 Regensburg

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Opening on Friday, 8 April 2022 at 7pm
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Thank you

Thank you to the whole team of KunstvereinGRAZ, and especially to Katharina Tenberge-Holzer for showing my photographic compositions in your gallery.

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