St. Nicholas Church Siegen in a special edition

St. Nicholas Church, The Coronet, The Pandemic Coronet

From 2010 to 2016, Sparkasse Siegen commissioned Thomas Kellner to produce an annual scaled-down edition of architectures from the Siegerland region. These included the main building in Morleystrasse, the new building at the Siegbogen, the town museum in Freudenberg, the old fire station in Netphen, the Wilnsdorf highway church, the Kreuztal cultural train station and the Upper Castle. This included a plan for a motif of the Nikolaikirche, which Kellner photographed once and had to photograph again because of a different format.

The first portrait format motif became a coronet in the pandemic and served the artist to survive the pandemic. Some of these reduced copies are still available. Of course, the 1:1 large version is also still available.

Prepared were also other motifs such as the gas ball, Kindelsberg, Apollo Theater, the Wilnsdorf winding tower, Junkernhees Castle, or the Old Station in Netphen Deuz. Unfortunately, the series was not continued. Nevertheless, thanks to the Sparkasse Siegen for the many orders.

St. Nicholas Church Siegen tumbling and dancing

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Factsheet about this folio

Title: 72#15s Nikolaikirche Siegen 2013
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Prints: C-Print mounted in a grey Passepartout
Size of Passepartout:  30 x 40 cm
Size of image: 16 x 28 cm
Edition: 100
Release Date: 2020
Price: 90 Euros

Acknowledgement for this image of the Nikolai Church

Thank you to Wolfgang Weiss for introducing the idea to the marketing team of Sparkasse Siegen