Mexico photobook by Siegen photographer

Mexico photobook

This Mexico photobook shows again how fulfilling my work can be and which coincidences always drive a project forward even after years. The Mexico photobook is again rich in interesting text and image contributions and I am full of joy that it has also become so beautiful. Award winning design by Tatjana Krause for the book of Mexico by Thomas Kellner, with an essay by Fernando Castro. This Mexico photobook is the result of a pupils contest to design a book for me.

In this photobook you will find numerous images of the archictecture and landscape of Mexico.This photobook mixes different insights about the country, which transports the reader with both modern and traditional buildings and landscapes. The reader gets a variety of impressions from an extraordinary country. He also embarks on an exciting journey supported by the images of the Siegen Fine Art photographer Thomas Kellner. Get involved in this exciting journey. 

Mexico on film

Have a look at the pictures of the Mexico photobook. Inside you will find numerous pictures. Let these pictures embark you on your very own exciting journey. I hope that you will enjoy looking at them, and that you will find yourself wanting your own copy of the Mexico catalog on your bookshelf.

More about the Mexico photobook

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The special edition of Mexico

100 copies of the book are accompanied by an origanl signed,and numbered print.

Images of the special edition

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Detailed information about the Mexico catalog

Title: Thomas Kellner – Mexico
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Author: Fernando Castro R.
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Content: 80 pages, 31 plates
Size: 29 x 21 cm, hardcover with dustjacket
Language(s): German, English, Spanish
Publisher: seltmann+söhne
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-3-942831-21-5
Release Date: 2011
Price: 29,90 Euros
Edition of the special edition: 100+5 pieces
Price of the special edition: 190,00 Euros

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Thank you to everyone for your help on this photobook, other photobooks and exquisite issues.

Thanks to you dear reader for giving us time and attention. We hope that you will enjoy having this book around you!