The Hearst Tower

Norman Fosters Hearst Tower

Upon entering Manhattan’s newest landmark, the Hearst Tower, you are first engulfed by the building and then, your view is directed upwards by the light. The sensation is similar to wandering around New York’s streets outside. The light, ground and atmosphere fly to your senses simultaneously.

Going upstairs you arrive in the large atrium, an Italian plaza to a degree. However, the sky is heavy and still visible at the corners. Comparable to how Atlas shouldered the world, huge pillars stem the delightful glass and steel facades of Norman Foster’s newest building.

The outside structure that seems to be in the cubistic arte moderne style disappears inside where the old building’s style dominates. My images bring this wonderful contrast of architecture and physical experience together in one place – perhaps a bit scary but at the same time playfully including the structural elements of the building itself.

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Detailed information about the Hearst Tower folio

Title: Hearst Tower
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Prints: 7 C-Prints
Size of Paper:  ca. 30 x 40 cm / each print in a folded Mat with its sketch silkprinted on top
Size of image: ca. 20 x 35 cm
Edition: 5+2
Release Date: 2009
Price: 1-2: sold
3: 4900 Euros/7500 USD
4: 5900 Euros/8900 USD
5: 7900 Euros/12000 USD

Acknowledgement for this folio of the Hearst Tower

Thank you to John Bennett for including me in this commission for the Hearst family and the opportunity to create these wonderful interior images of the Hearst Tower.