The Big Picture folder

The Big Picture folder of the Grand Canyon signed

The Big Picture was a large folding card of three times A4 sent to all galleries and museums on Thomas Kellner's mailing list. A long dream came true. In 1997 he had seen the big picture of the Grand Canyon by David Hockney in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and since then it haunted him. In 2006 he already wanted to make a road trip through the USA and to the Grand Canyon, but his equipment was stolen from his studio the day before departure. It was not until 2014 that he dared to tackle the story again and it then took until 2018, also because of other exhibitions, until the Grand Canyon, his The Big Picture could be shown in the studio for the first time.

The Grand Canyon in strips of 35 mm films

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Detailed information about the Grand Canyon folder

Title: The Big Picture
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Format / Technique: 289 x 21 cm, offset print
Publisher: Thomas Kellner
Edition: N.N.
Release Date: 2018
Price: 20 Euros

Thank you to Pebuero

Thank you to Peter Büdenbender for the design of this special editioned offset-print.

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