Germany view from inside out

A country turned into a camera itself

Once around Germany along the border. This series of 54 black and white pinhole camera images shows the view from the familiar home across the border in a country on the other side. With this series, Thomas Kellner turns Germany, a country, into a camera itself. The camera pokes a hole through the border, as it were, and projects the country beyond the border into our country on this side. Thus, along the border, as along the hole of the pinhole, a diorama of the boundary a national identity is created. For this series, Thomas Kellner received the Kodak Young Talent Award in 1996, which encouraged him to pursue a life as a photographic artist. 

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1996: Folio Germany – View from inside out

Detailed information about this folio of view from inside out

Title: Deutschland – Blick nach draußen (Germany – view from inside out)
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Prints: 54 fiber based prints
Size of paper:  24 x 30 cm
Size of image: 17,5 x 17,5 cm
Edition: 5
Release Date: 1996
Price: 19000 Euros

Acknowledgement for this portfolio about the German border

Thank you to Kodak Germany awarding me the young talent award for this series.

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