Mespilus Germanica from the series arbor

Arbor: mespilus germanica

Arbor, tree in Latin, shows in a whole series our relationship with the tree or its use as wood. Mespilus Germanica, the medlar, is reduced in its physical form to a rectangle, appears like an aerial view, a root or a galaxy that cannot be explored. Some copies of the special edition print accompanied the catalog for the 80th anniversary of the Siegerländer Künstler working group.

Special edition print: mespilus germanica 2, from the series arbor by Thomas Kellner

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Detailed information about mespilus germanica from the series arbor

Titel: Mespilus germanica 2, from the series arbor by Thomas Kellner
Editor: Thomas Kellner
Photographer: Thomas Kellner
Format: 21 x 28 cm / 8,2" x 10,9" on classical BW analog fiber based paper
Publisher: Thomas Kellner
Release Date: 2002
Edition: 10+3 AP
Price: 6-9:   590 Euros
10:    on request

Thank you to Fritz

Thank you to to Fritz Hilgenstock for picking all those leafs for this series around my hometown.

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