open-air dancing in Siegen

Dancing in Park or along the Ufer?

Summer, sun and sunshine, summer puts a smile on many faces. Since spring, it is not just the doves, but also the couples are strolling through the streets and lying in parks. Music is almost always a part of it, via headphones or active box. Summer and a good mood is also the time for summer parties.

Dance belongs to cultural life in our society. In every culture people and society have discovered typical and popular dances, up to sports dancing, dancing on the Olympic games, ballets, musicals and many more. Who doesn’t think about Fred Astaire?

Not only in Barcelona people are dancing in front of the cathedral Saint Eulalia. They dance at the television tower of the Brazilian capital Brasilia and even in the Alps at the Schuhplatter shows.

Dancing is in Germany as well and this is not only since the popular TV Show “Let’s dance”. the World and European Championships of Latin and Standard Dances, which are held regularly in the Siegerlandhalle, are at least just as exciting dances.

Also, in Siegen there is a lot of dancing. Traditional, group dances, in a circle like the Rueda, the martial art like Capoeira, Flamenco, Sirtaki Tango or Salsa. For these groups there should be a public outdoor dance area (between 9x9 meter and 18x18 meter). Dancing in public brings joy, sportiness, sensuality, relationships, fairness and enjoyment. Dancers themselves could practice in the fresh air of the summer and the spectators, who will certainly gather in droves, will be happy to watch the dance enthusiastically.

There are examples of open-air dances in Germany. In Westpark in Dortmund (responsible there is the Green Area office, Mr. Baranowski), at Elisen Fountain in Aachen, along the Rhine promenade in Dusseldorf or at the chocolate museum in Cologne.

If it weren't for the Gema. The aim of such a public dance floor should be that dance groups can use this space at fixed times in summer at a flat rate to be agreed upon.

Summer 2017: Everything back again

Discussions with the new city planning council, Hendrik Schumann, and the green gardening Langenbach and Ihlenfeld:

“A dancing area in the Fissmer place won’t be there, because the whole area will be divided into two stepless flat areas. The dance floor project was not included in the redesign project.”

New suggestion of Mrs. Ihlenfeld: “Installation of a dancefloor below the now demolished young hostel in the bastion.”

Comments by myself and also the mayor of Siegen Steffen Mues on a later date: This would miss the goal of bringing dancing into the public eye.


In 2017, still without new perspective.


With the rebuilding of the Fissmer place at the Nikolaichurch should be build a dancefloor there.


For example:

Mondays: Tango Argentino

Tuesdays: Capoeira

Wednesdays: Boogie

Thursdays: Flamenco

Fridays: Street dances

Saturdays: Basic dances

Sundays: Salsa

What is needed:

1 floor of smooth stone or wood on metal support of minimum 9*9 meters gladly 9*18 meters

Electricity connection

Security for the traffic

Close to toilets/Gastronomy

Basic management of the part of the city with a publication about few rules and dancing time

Following arguments I see currently for- and against Schloss park or Weiss-Fliksches-Grundstück


Schloss park:

Culture concept and young lifestyle, swing and movement in music and film & theatre

Technical structures available

GEMA-Measurement available

Rain protection under the pavilion

Pavilion will be renovated, this is already in the cost plan

Opened toilets?

Car park possibility until 21

Parking places available


Weiss-Flicksches Grundstück

Without conception

However beautiful plenty of trees

Housing development all around

Imagination at the end of the redesign phasis

Consequence: more traffic into the traffic-calmed Oranien street.

As potential organizer i see for a clear organisation either

The city himself

Contact: Mrs. Bamann / Mrs. Schneider

i.e. VHS Siegen

Contact: Mrs. Dellori

The Summer festival

Contact: Stefan Schlieps

One of the commercial dance schools

Jürgen Tuppeck’s dance school

Contact. Jürgen Tuppeck

Agne Prescher’s dance school

Contact: Agne Prescher

Dance salon on Sand street

Contact: Udo Ossenbühl

Café Basico

Contact: Klaus Vetter

One of commercial event organizer:


Contact: Nelson Loma Ulloa



Dance club:

Turniertanzsportverein “Krönchen” Siegen e.V. c/o Harald Witzel

And many more…

January 2015: Alternative suggestion from the Office for the citymarketing, Mrs. Schneider

This suggestion seemed unfortunately, at the exact place where the Apollo bridge is crossed


February 2015. Plan A: Dancing on the Scheinerplatz

The Scheinerplatz with his place at the Bahnhofstrasse has one of the highest frequentations in Siegen, with approximatively 26,000 people for a Saturday at 12. Comapred to Kölnerstrasse, Ecke Marketplace, which has 2600.

The Fissmer place is still on discussions.

December 2014. Plan B: Dancing in the Weiss - Flicksches - Grundstück park


Von: Thomas Kellner <>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013 18:30
An: mues'
Betreff: Tanzflächen

Sehr geehrter Herr Bürgermeister Mues,
lieber Steffen, hier ein link zur Seite der Stadt Dortmund mit der neuen Tanzfläche.

Tango auf dem Ballhofplatz in Hannover

Liebe Grüße