relations, Russian Contemporary Photography, NCCA, Yekaterinburg

relations, Russian Contemporary Photography

International Night of Museums

in collaboration with NCCA and Metenkow House of Photography, Yekaterinburg,

and kind support by German Goeethe Institute in Russia

participating artists: Julia Absaldinova, Anastasiya Bogomolova, Natasha Hvostinceva, Vadim Ovchinnikov, Katya Popova, Sergey Petryaev, Natasha Sokolova, Natasha Syropyatova, Lena Ulitina, Fyodor Telkov

human relations

Real relationships among people and families are more important than ever. The digital age draws us deeper and deeper into a black hole, a rectangular illusory world between desktop phone and ipad. The Verbindungslosigkeit leads to desocialization our society and can not be compensated with "free hugs".
Relationships are determined by proximity and distance, of love and hate, cold and heat. In the family we are born into a rule, where they learn the most primitive forms of human relations. But how does a photographer or a photographer part of another family and can be part of it? In this process, the exhibitors have engaged and impressively demonstrate how to display the relationships of the people. Relations suddenly find themselves in similar definitions of the various composition again, determined by attitude of the photographer. The photographer is getting deeper into the events and is increasingly invisible for those photographed. Only in the invisible moment the photographer is genuine feelings and human relations not only able to catch moments, but to make them only as visible to the viewer and re-experience. In this invisibility, the photographer has suddenly become part of the family and indispensable intermediary between the event and the observer for the displayed photo objects.
Photos are also only if we end up seeing reality mediator in you only window into a different reality. But we find ourselves in the experienced photographers we discover a triangular relationship between the object, photographer and themselves. The experience is part of their own experience and the subject of a social exchange on the basis of artistic expression.

exhibition at NCCA Yekaterinburg