Wiebusch, Stephanie

Stephanie Wiebusch: "and in the morning I´ll be gone" [tom waits]

Next to my painting work, taking photographs is the other important possibility for me to have a good look at the world around and to add it to the pictures of my private world inside, my inner subjective present reality.
My way to work with a camera is different from my way to paint. To paint means a long and difficult process. I put together. Take something away. Again. And again. Colours in coats.
If I take a picture with my camera I prefer the direct way without any manipulation.
I like this work at short notice. I discover something, it touches me, I take a photo. That`s that.
The other part of my photographic work is some kind of collection. I collect situations and moments of themes I am interested in. One of them is shelter, another theme is biography and yet another is perception.
Each picture is just a glimpse. Nevertheless it likes to tell a whole story. With every picture I have a certain story inside of me, in my head. But I leave it to you, which way the story turns out.
I am emotional and so is my work.
Generally, my work is meant to be not spectacular for it is taken from daily life. But even though it likes to get in contact, it likes to catch the eye and touches you for a
second. Please pay attention for a short moment.


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