Schaepers, Martin

Martin Schaepers: Photographical elevations of large industrial buildings in Siegen

Today in designstudios and architectural offices neariy everybody while working on projects using 3-D modelling for design-process. So we do in our office. But especialy for me as an architect the classical methods like drawing floorplans, sections and elevations are imparative for measurement and finding proportions. This is one key for my work as a photographer. I am trying to bring
back building fassades to an architectural elevation. 1 want to show the real dimensions of large industrial buildings in an urban context. Most of them situated in narrow streets, not able to look at them entirely. While working on the site I use the camera like a scanner, walking from one end of a building fassade to the other, taking the shots needed for the montage. Sometimes I catch a person waiting for a bus or crossing the site. I like them because they give a piece offamiliar dimension and they intensify the impression of lonelyness in the pictures. In the computer I put the mostly more then 15 pieces together to one large photo.
The result looks like a normal picture, but in fact it is an deceptiveview on reality. It seems like looking from a distance to the building, although not possible in the real situation, because of the urban context. Buildings scarcely noticed by the public become a new attentiveness.